This collaborative, multi-media course by the Prison Arts Collective was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

In this multi-day workshop, participants were guided to collaborate on creating and implementing an art piece as a group. On this day was the culminating performance of the collaborative workshop; the men had been working on the component pieces since the summer. Also included was a remote collaboration with dance students at San Diego State University; the dancers had recently performed their companion piece on the SDSU campus, and today the men saw photographs of that dance.

This project was led by a collaborative teaching team including PAC founder and director and SDSU professor Annie Buckley, SDSU Dance professor and PAC faculty associate Jess Humphrey, and PAC staff—with the support and collaboration of Peter Merts. On this day, guests included PAC research team members Ginny Oshiro and Bryant Jackson Green, PAC mentor teacher Yvette Deas, and ISP Community Resources Manager Carey Ochs..

The class is part of Arts in Corrections (, which is funded by California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and administered by the California Arts Council.

Prints of these images are available at cost to families of the artists; 100% of the modest charge goes to FOTOMOTO to cover printing, handling, and shipping. To order prints, mouse hover over any thumbnail, then click on the shopping basket at top right of the thumbnail image.